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Natural, Textural

Tree-Hugging Artwork since 1991

Fine Art Pieces and Paintings

Professional Henna Body Art

Professional Face Painting

Actual Crooked Tree business is named for

Neecee Blackwell, owner/creator of Crooked Tree Graphics (Established 1991) has the opportunity and privilege of doing what she loves as her vocation for many years, art in many creative avenues.  She uses Crooked Tree as an umbrella company for her many (ad)ventures.  She has been an artist by trade for 29+ years with 15+ years experience as henna tattoo artist and professional face painter. 

She never utters the words “starving artist”,  but always says she is a Thriving Artist, as she sells her art while traveling the regional art festival and comic convention circuits.  

 She is always working on new art, because there is NO LIMIT to creativity!

Please check out her artwork on her other website

Here are a few art pieces from her creative mind.